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Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

alamat novell pharmaceutical

Kantor Cabang PT Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories Semarang:
Alamat: Jl WR Supratman No 39 Semarang Jawa Tengah.
Nomor Telepon: (024) 76635324, 76635322, 76635323.

PT Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories – Kantor Pusat:
Alamat: Jalan Pos Pengumben Raya No. 8
Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11560, Indonesia.
No Telepon: (+62 21) 535 5888, 5366 8600
No Fax: (+62 21) 535 5822
Email: info@novellpharm.com
Website: www.novellpharm.com

Pabrik: Jalan Wanaherang No. 35
Tlajung Udik, Gunung Putri Bogor 16962, Indonesia.
Telepon: (+62 21) 867 2448 / 49
Fax: (+62 21) 867 0351

PT. Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories adalah perusahaan farmasi yang sedang berkembang di Indonesia, perusahaan ini didukung oleh pabrik yang mendapatkan sertifikat TGA 

A Brief History of the Company

Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories was established in 1998 as a consequence of increasing globalisation and trend toward efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry.

After a worldwide merger between pharmaceutical giant Glaxo International and Burroughs Wellcome in 1996, a group of foreign and local investors acquired ex-PT.Burroughs Wellcome manufacturing plant in Indonesia and established a new company, which is called Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories which has a status as a foreign investment company and registered with Indonesian Coordinating Investment Board (BKPM).

The word Novell comes from an English word Novel that translates as something new, fresh and also brings the meaning of innovation.

In June 2011, Novell obtained its approval from Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), in 2009 from GCC, in 2009 from South Africa MCC, in 2009 from UAE, in 2010 from Kenya and in 2011 from Turkey as a proof of its constant improvement in its quality process to ensure quality products for all its customers

Our Vision & Mission

It is the belief of the investors and the management team that private sectors should assist Government's mission to provide better quality healthcare products for the society. Novell concentrates on producing excellent quality high value added products to be consumed by patients as an alternative to the foreign imported high price products.

Besides developing its own products, Novell is actively searching for new products by partnering with other multinational companies to market their novel products which are needed by community. With international trend towards free trade and reducing healthcare expenditure, Novell is positioning itself as one of the worldwide providers for quality pharmaceutical products to international patients and partners.

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